Soren Trimble is a freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park.  She has been volunteering with the Holiday Project since literally before she can remember. Making holiday cards to give out during her visits has become such a tradition that she now has her own trademark; if you see a card with “Made in the USA” on the back above an American flag with an inaccurate number of stripes, chances are she made it. Over her long tenure with the Holiday Project, Soren’s cardmaking skills have evolved slightly beyond her early work, but she is most proud of the improvement in her people skills. When she was younger, all she had to do was give out cards and a few hugs. Now, she has the responsibility and pleasure of striking up conversations with residents. She has come to realize her time is more valuable than any gift, but that most people still appreciate a festive card. Currently, Soren is continuing as a volunteer and encouraging other young people to participate by making cards and visits in her role as Youth Coordinator.